Markus Rautzenberg


Dr. Markus Rautzenberg is a German philosopher currently working at Freie Universität Berlin. In 2007 he received his doctoral grade in philosophy with a thesis on a »Theory of Perturbation«. Fellowships: DFG-doctoral scholarship at the graduate school »Körper-Inszenierungen« (»The Staging of the Body«) and a DFG-postdoctoral fellowship at the international graduate school »Interart«. Since 2009 he belongs to the research staff at the institute for philosophy at Freie Universität Berlin, since 2011 he heads his own DFG-research project on »Non-Visual Aspects of Iconicity«. His main fields of research are: media theory, picture theory, aesthetics, the relation of iconicity and knowledge, epistemology and game studies.


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