Alberto Gabriele


Alberto Gabriele is Assistant Professor at Tel Aviv University’s English and American Studies Department. He is the author of Reading Popular Culture in Victorian Print: Belgravia and Sensationalism (November 2009), which has been included in the select list of ʻworks of referenceʼ of the Societé pour lʼHistoire des Medias. Among his essays on the moving image “Visions of the City of London: Mechanical Eye and Poetic Transcendence in Wordsworth’s Prelude-book 7,” which appeared in The European Romantic Review (October 2008), “Traces and Origins, Signs and Meanings: Analogy and the Thaumatrope in Melville’s Pierre, or, the Ambiguities,” published in Leviathan, a Journal of Melville Studies (March 2013) and “Pre-cinematic Spectacles in The House of the Seven Gables: Proto-Modernist Urban Fragmentation and the Metaphysical Workings of Light” forthcoming in the collection Approaches to Teaching Hawthorne’s ‘House of the Seven Gables.’ He has worked as a film critic reporting from the Venice Film Festival and has collaborated with the Pordenone Silent Film Festival.

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