Jasmina S. Ciric

Jasmina S. Ciric is a Research Assistant in the Institute for Art History Faculty of Philosophy University of Belgrade. Her scientific interests are closely related to Byzantine Architecture, vision and meaning in Late Byzantine Art, rites of passage, heraldry and usage of ornaments in Byzantine Art. Her work is interdisciplinary drawing on a wide range of literature including ekphrasis, description of enterior of Byzantine church and retorics used for expressing vision of beholder during the participation in Liturgy. More specifically, she is interested in exploring the ways how ornament functioned in different media (brickwork, marble, embroidery) and how was used as powerful visual transmitter of intelectual and deeply imbued theology background. Her work is oriented towards recognizing of possibilities of writing the body in Byzantine church; that is, of narrating a form of corporeal «autobiography» or body story, in which the workings of the body, and ones experiences of those workings, are key ingredients in the Liturgy and reception of metamorphosis of „self“ by passing through portal. She was a secretary of SYMMEIKTA , Proceedings on the occasion of 40th Anniversary of the Institute for Art History, Faculty of Philosophy , University of Belgrade.

Jasmina S. Ciric published numerous scientific articles and book reviews in journals of national and international impact factor (see list of publication on personal web pages). Except two national scientific projects (Medieval art in Serbia and its European context and Culture in the Balkans, in the Middle Ages : Byzantine Empire , Serbs and Bulgarians from IX to XV century ), she is collaborating on two international projects: Lexikon der byzantinischer Authoren , as well as project ABC CLIO Encyclopedia of Religion. She is a member of the International Council of Archives in Paris ( ICA) under the auspices of the UNESCO , the Association of Byzantinists in Paris ( AEMB ), Byzantine Society of North America (BSANA), International Center for Medieval Art in New York (ICMA) , and Association of Historians of Islamic Art. Jasmina S. Ciric is a peer reviewer and member of the Editorial Board of Niš and Byzantium. Proceedings of International Symposium of Byzantinologues and International Journal of Arts – New York.

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