Jacobus Bracker


In 2015 Jacobus Bracker finalised his MA-studies of archaeology and cultural history of the ancient Mediterranean (classical archaeology) at the University of Hamburg (Thesis: “Der Blick aus dem Bild auf griechischen Gefäßen”). He received his BA on classical archaeology and prehistory with a thesis on “Narrative Ebenen in bildlichen Darstellungen aus dem Medeiamythos. Zur Notwendigkeit einer Erzähltheorie für antike Bildmedien”. His main research interests are visual culture studies, (Bewegt-)Bildwissenschaften, narratology, reception studies and semiotics. Currently he is a research assistant with the Archaeological Institute at the University of Hamburg and pursuing his PhD-project “Erzähltheorie für antike Bildmedien”. He is also co-editor of the online-journal VISUAL PAST and co-organiser of interdisciplinary conferences on visual culture.

Publications and projects: https://www.kultur.uni-hamburg.de/ka/personen/bracker.html


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