Thursday, May 4th

Dimitri Liebsch: Transgressions. Philosophical Notes on Theory and Metatheory of the Moving Image.

Nicolas Oxen: Specious Presence – A Process-Philosophical View on Temporality and Multimodality of the Digital Moving Image.

Léa Perraudin: Capturing the Ephemeral. Experimental Interfaces and Snapchat as Messy Modes of Interaction in the Technosphere.

Serjoscha Wiemer: Algorithmical Image Aesthetics of Interference: The Glitch between Meta-Signification and Affective Materiality.

Derrick de Kerckhove: Computer-Assisted Visualisation between Reality and Fiction.

Anna Caterina Dalmasso: »Like Organs of One Single Intercoporeity« – Exploring New Forms of Synesthetic Spectatorship in ASMR Video Culture.

Frank Geßner: Alias Yederbeck Redux.


Friday, May 5th

Jennifer Eickelmann: The Image as Threat. About the Materiality of Mediatized Disrespect on the Internet.

Stefanie Johns: About Hybrid Live-Images. The Live-Image as Image- and Media-Theoretical Friction between Empowerment and Disempowerment.

Vladimir Rizov: Virtual Photography, Immersion, and Boundaries in Grand Theft Auto V.

Lars C. Grabbe: Signals in the Dataverse. About Phenosemiotic Potential of Cybernetic and Information-Theoretical Aesthetics.

Katharina Gsöllpointner: Digital Kinesthesia. How Kinesthetic Features in Digital Art Integrate Sensory, Semantic, and Social Perception.

Goda Plaum: The Quartered Concept of the Term »Image«

Tobias Held: Design – Media-Materiality – Interfaces: Horizons of Design in the Perspective of Perception Theory


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