Conference: Moving Images 2017

Moving Images 2017

Mediality – Multimodality – Materiality: Concepts for Media and Image Studies in the Era of the »Technosphere«

Bilingual Conference of the Society of Interdisciplinary Image Science on Moving Images in Kiel, Germany, 4th to 6th May 2017


The evolution of media has yielded masses of interfaces and display technologies, which concede and force novel multimodal types of representation. To consider these technologies in the context of contemporary image studies, an updated appreciation of media images needs to be added to the traditional concept of images, which derived from art history. We have to comprehend more than visual representation and visual perception to fully understand the structures of moving images, because they do not only address our vision, they address – modal or a-modal – all of our senses. This multimodal or multisensory understanding of images seems to be necessary to comprehend contemporary media technologies of interactive and digital moving images as well as future developments.

Within this convergent media- and image-ecosystem, concepts like materiality, embodiment and agency become important in describing and analyzing the global formations and interactions of human and non-human elements, individuals and technological ensembles. Peter K. Haff describes this era of hybrid networks as »technosphere«, trying to characterize the dynamics of existing media ecologies. Therefore mediality, multimodality, and materiality can be used as fundamental concepts for a media- and image-theory of the »technosphere« – but there is a necessity to explore the sustainability, scope and interconnections of these interdisciplinary concepts.

The conference is organized by the Society of Interdisciplinary Image Science and the Research Group Moving Image Science Kiel. It takes place in the senators room (Sokratesplatz 2, Floor 7), on campus of the University of Applied Sciences Kiel. The conference languages are German and English, the participation is free of charge. The registration to the conference is possible per email via until 23rd of April 2017. You will find a campus map and further details online on For further questions please feel free to contact Lars C. Grabbe and Patrick Rupert-Kruse.


The Conference is founded by the Medienstiftung Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein.

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