Donata Meneghelli


Donata Meneghelli is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Literature and Visual Studies at the University of Bologna. She is member of the European network LACE (Literature and Change in Europe, see:, of the PhD programme in “Literary and Cultural Studies” at the University of Bologna (, and of the directive board of the international PhD Programme in Comparative Studies at the University of Lisbon ( Her interests focus on the theory and history of the novel, modernism, intermediality, narratology, adaptation, literature and visuality. Amongst her publications: Una forma che include tutto (1997), Teorie del punto di vista (1998), “What Can a Film Make of a Book? Seeing Literature through Apocalypse Now and Barry Lyndon”, Image [&] Narrative (n. 8, May 2004), “Sophie Calle: tra fotografia e parola”, in Guardare oltre, Eds. S. Albertazzi – F. Amigoni (2008), “Le texte et son ombre ou le lecteur supplicié dans Projet pour une révolution à New York”, Interférences littéraires (n. 6, mai 2011), Storie proprio così. Il racconto nell’era della narratività totale (2012), “Thinking Litereature, Thinking Narrative: Liaisons dangereuses”, L’Esprit créateur, special issue “The Idea of Literature” (4.3, 2014). She just finished a photo-text on apartments and real estate market, and is writing a book about adaptation and fan fiction. She also works as a translator of critical and literary texts both from English and French.


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