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Dr. Chris Gerbing is a freelance art historian. As such, she works currently in the fields of curating, scientific research and museum communication. Dr. Gerbing studied art history with the subsidiary subjects history of architecture/recent and modern history at Karlsruhe, Basel and Strasbourg. She wrote her doctoral thesis on Otto Herbert Hajek’s art works in public spaces, especially for companies and thus with a certain focus on corporate art, at the Technical University Berlin.

Since 2001, she regularly holds university teaching positions with the universities Karlsruhe (KIT and University of Applied Arts) and Stuttgart where she teaches interdisciplinary issues concerning art and architecture in modern and contemporary times. Additionally, she is a free employee with the museum communication at ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe and the Jewelry Museum Pforzheim.

In 2015, she curated an extensive exhibition about the reconstruction of Pforzheim after 1945, one of the then most destroyed German towns. Her next major exhibition will focus on the manufacturing of jewelry in Pforzheim within the last 300 years. Furthermore, she guides students within the field of curating; the next students’ exhibition will take place in September 2016, invited by the German Lighting Society (Deutsche Lichttechnische Gesellschaft).

In addition, during the last couple of years, she hold the opening speeches for numerous contemporary artists proving her interest in contemporary art, its multiple trends and its peripheries, an interest, that is reflected as well in Dr. Gerbings’ extensive publications.


Recent publications:


Leuchtende Wände in Beton. Die Matthäuskirche Pforzheim (1951-53) von Egon Eiermann: ihre Vorbilder, ihre Vorbildfunktion. Regensburg (Verlag Schnell & Steiner) 2013.



»Das Begreifen des Raums als plastische Größe«, in: Sudetenland. Europäische Kulturzeitschrift. Vierteljahresschrift für Literatur und Kunst, hrsg. vom Adalbert Stifter Verein, 57. Jg, 2/2015, S. 142 f.

»The Man in the Paper-made Folding Boat or: Artist’s Movies as Virtual Worlds«, in: “Real Virtuality. About the Destruction and Multiplication of World”, hrsg. von Ulrich Gehmann und Martin Reiche, transcript Verlag Bielefeld 2014 (= Reihe »Edition Kulturwissenschaft«), S. 193-216.


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